Business Growth with Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

Business Growth with Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

In today’s era digital marketing has made it very easy for small and medium businesses to reach their targeted customers more efficiently and in cost-effective ways than traditional marketing. But, as digital marketing has stepped in, the competition has also drastically increased among businesses than before. So, it has become harder for business to become a brand online. If you want to capture the successful campaign it is only through the definite understanding of some of the elements that marketing professionals should keep in mind. Here are some expectations Vs realities that the company has to keep in mind while planning a digital marketing campaign.

On paper, plans manifest in real situations

Not every time in digital marketing your theoretical strategies will work out. Many times while running a digital marketing campaign or any other strategy, it will totally go opposite of what the marketer has planned for. So, the reality is the personnel can’t just rely on theoretical plans and should be ready for building spontaneous strategies at that point if the planned strategy does not work.

More traffic means more conversions

Social media will definitely bring desired traffic to your site but the question is, is it the right traffic? Many professionals think that more the number of traffic, more the conversion.

But, the reality is only the right customers will be converted to conversion. The company should not just focus on an unlimited amount of traffic as the best example is, if your site is having 100 customers per day but only has 2 to 3 conversions and on the other hand, if another site is having only 50 traffic per day but has 50% conversion ratio then the other site is more obvious to have right mission, right traffic, and more conversion. The company should always prioritize quality consumers while targeting instead of quantity. Digital marketing will drive you your customers but it is completely on you how to convince traffic to buy or use your products/services.

Paid ads will be very profitable than organic leads

Paid ads undoubtedly give you a better chance to turn a profit. But you will not get positive ROI all the time. You need to make sure that it converts and is targeted to right people. Sometimes you would get more amount of traffic to your site through ads but there would not be any conversion.

The reality is organic leads are more profitable than paid ads, as that would bring only right customers searching for your business to your site and that would definitely lead to conversion. Organic leads are the ones who visit your site through search results of the query they have searched for and so they are the best since they mean lead generation is captured naturally and this is what makes conversion easier. The company should well optimize their site and focus more on increasing their page rank in a search engine in order to get desired traffic.

Digital Marketing is a once done approach

Digital marketing is not about “set it and forget it.” All social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PPC ads, require constant monitoring. You should have unique and user’s eye-catching content every time you run a campaign or other posts. Keep monitoring that your ad is reaching your desired customers. You cannot get leads unless and until it reaches right audience.

Posting a universal message on all platforms

It will not be effective to place same message or piece of content on all the platforms as the target audience utilize different platform for a different purpose. All social media platforms have different demographics.

The reality is when you are focusing on different platforms you should post keeping in mind the specific target audience. For instance, if you are posting on a link you will have to focus on more professional content as the audience on LinkedIn would not be interested in juvenile content and at the same time if its Instagram or any other platform you can post some juvenile content too as audience here would take a keen interest in it.

These are the main key points in Digital Marketing: Expectations Vs Reality

To wrap up, the Expectations Vs Reality doesn’t always match exactly the way we want. It’s very crucial to make sure you have transparent conversions about your goals and what your company needs before launching any expensive campaign. So, if you are searching for the best digital marketing company to grow your business, then yes your search is over we are ready to help you out accomplish your business goals. Hire us to grow your business.

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